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What Ever Happened To the Lending of The Jacket?

Remember all of those movies you see? You know, the old teen romance films where the jock gives the cheerleader his letter jacket to sport (get it? haha-ehm). Or the timid boy lends the girl of his dreams his blazer in the cold weather? Say, what ever did happened to that? The act is one of cordiality and it’s sweet. It makes the girl want to sit  staring into his eyes, smelling the cologne that’s rubbed off inside and smile. I wonder why the boys don’t do this anymore.

What I witness nowadays is, most of the time the girl has to steal the jacket to get the boys attention. Yes steal it! I witnessed this often walking through the cruddy, stinky hallways of my brother’s middle school. I hate going there because every single thing I see I end up saying to myself: “Now I know we weren’t like that.”, and besides, the odor is atrocious. Anyways, the girls tease the boys by taking their jackets and wearing them all day. They smell them and keep them and in most cases, the boys get mad! Completely understandable of course, especially when the girls take them home. But they boys just don’t get it.

Now up in high-school (where the air is fresher, for the most part) the boys mostly don’t bother anyways. Or they just don’t know how to react when a cute girl standing with them says, “You know, I’m freezing. I wish I brought a jacket…” The boys just blank out, imaging the act of offering their jacket to the girl and feeling like a hero, but in reality they just stand there in an awkward silence only penetrated by their snurking up their nose. Others when in this situation just chuckle. The flirtatious opportunity going straight over their heads.

Well, you say, why don’t you acknowledge the smart and sweet souls out there who aren’t so thick and can take a hint? Well, actually I would like to acknowledge them. Very much so. I personally have encountered two of these brave men. One, my crush. Though I’m positive it’s not mutual, he was just kind enough to lend me his jacket when our school’s heat broke on a very cold day. Like I said, he’s just a nice guy, but that just makes him seem all the more knightly. The other, a close friend who was worried I was going to freeze when I was walking around in the snow without a jacket.  He didn’t just lend me the jacket, he gave it to me. And while I have no feelings for him excepting that of friendship, just that small act made me blush and stop to think about him in a different light.

The moral of this post? Boys, if you want to form a bit of a trap for the girl of your dreams to slip into (that sounded kind of creepy) then you need to invest your time wisely and perk up your ears. Next time she’s cold, offer her your jacket. She’ll know your freezing for her and in that split second she’ll begin to notice you differently, even if it’s just for a second. Her heart will flutter, she’ll blush, and you have a starting point.

CAUTION: Exercise this with caution, though. If she rejects you it may be for these reasons: 1. She doesn’t know you well enough. 2. She’s trying to tough it out. In which case, insist. 3. She was hinting for someone else to assist her. If any of these scenarios play out and you get rejected, try again or find another way to approach her say… get to know her first?

That’s all. Just me trying to deploy a comeback for the chivalry when it come to young romance. It wouldn’t hurt…


So I Told You I was Writing A Book

Ok, I’ll catch you up in case you haven’t read my first post (it’s not necessary to have. Actually, just don’t waste your time…) However, I noted that I am currently in the process of writing a novel called Circle Patterns. I’m just working on it and I’ll see how it turns out but I was thinking that I would put some information about it on here. Like the cover blurb and possibly chapters. Updates as it come to finality and possible publishing or what not. So without further ado, I give you what at the moment would appear ont he back of the cover. Maybe.

In a new America that is being eaten inside out from the Brother
Depression or ‘frater depressio’ as the “experts” call
it, there is nothing but sadness and confusion. After America
lost all its resources and respect from other nations, it became
almost a third-world country. With the people still contrived and
living in the past, the struggle to face reality becomes a huge
issue. Everyone is obsessed with rareities; jewels, money, fresh
fruit, drugs, and pretty young girls. No one is trustworthy. No one is
safe. Faith is the thing shunned by everyone so in the public eye, it does not exist.
Amidst all the confusion, a young blind girl
moves through the world that is invisible to her. She seeks hope.
An abstract concept her world refuses to believe in, much less
show her.

And that’s just the sneak peak to wet your chops. But I’ll upload the first chapter in a few days.

P.S. This will most likely NOT be what it’s supposed to be because as my story is unfolding, it continues to change often.

Strangeness, the Showdown, The snatch

These are some new photos that I’m putting up (check out my others here: They are just a collection of strange photos I’ve taken over the course of this week. Featuring: a person, my brother’s abundant Star Wars action figure collection, a game of hungry hungry hippos, a fish, and my puppy Aubrey. Enjoy.

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Mouths are beautiful

The simplicity of the curves and lines

That make up a person’s character

Mouths define

Emotions, thoughts

Wishes, prayers


Whispered through the soft pink lips

Creased and folded with smiles

And that’s why I fold my tips

into origami shapes

For the sake of a smile

Because those beautiful lines on the sides

Of your mouth

That you let stay even after you laugh

Prove you are immune to the ignorance

Of media

To the anti-age propaganda

Wanting you to believe that to be happy

Is not what you really want

Because you could crack the powdered smooth face of youth

That wasn’t yours in the first place

And last night I dreamed of a paper moon

Taking up the whole of the sky

Full and bright and confident

And the whole time I reached out for it

All I wanted was to stroke the light

The curves

Because they looked like the creases of a familiar face

And that made me smile

I’m a Compulsive Liar

Ever since I can remember I have lied. Lied about little things. Lied About big things. But everyone always takes me seriously. There is not one eprson I know who thinks I lie about anything. Despite the truth, I apparently come off as a very honest person. It just goes to show how self-ritious people are. “Oh, she’s a good girl. She don’t ever look like she could do nothin wrong.” Like they know.

Of course, I’m not on here confessing that I’m a girl-gone-wild who is as slick as a wet bar of soap. I just would like to say that I have a gift. An incredible gift packaged with some big responsibility. I don’t lie when it matters.  However, I lie constantly, ignoring the rule I just stated. When I was little, a girl on the playground walked up to me with her pink frilly dress and long golden hair that, at that time, I envied. She looked me in the eye and said “Hi, my favorite color is magenta. What’s yours?” Immediantly the little dials and cranks in my brain whirred and with the most believable voice I could muster I said, “Really? Manenta? Me too!” I didn’t do it on purpose, there was just something about this little girl’s eyes that made me want to lie to her. To need to lie to her.

It’s always the eyes of a person that drives that dangerous automatic pilot in my subconscious.

And it continued from there. My web that shakespear told of thickened and thickened until it seemed inpossible that I would be able to keep up with the stories. But I’m great mutli-tasker. And if I don’t remember a specific lie, then I pretend I didn’t hear someone when they are talking to me. They will procede to tell me and excerpt of their version of my story. By then I will have gained enough information to piece it back together. That’s how I work.

Over the short course of my life I have told some rediculous lies. That I decended from the vikings. That I have a glass eye. That I can talk to arachnids. That I started my period when I was nine… All acting on impulse. Something inside me pulling on the strings of my creative mind and forcing a random story out of my throat. But everyone takes me seriously.

Being able to lie perfectly, has gained me insight to how badly other people lie.

Me: “Do you like that guy? I know you like him.”

Friend: *pause for a second* “No?” *quick, subtle cough*

Me: “Right. Of course.”

Friend: *guffaw* “No. I don’t”

Me: “But you do.”

Friend *pupils shrink. body doesn’t move. Gives me death look* “Okay, maybe…”

I’m really good at getting people to admit they’re lying as well. But that only comes from experience.

Okay, first post!

So this is my first post on this blog, but I have another. However, I am still a fledgling in the world of blogging (i only started yesterday). I would really appreciate comments to help me get moving in the right direction or comments on my photography and art when I get it up here.

I am currently writing a book, slowly but surly. I have it on the website, which by the way is a really encouraging site filled with Teen lit written by teens. My book isn’t exactly up on the charts yet because I’m really far behind on writing and even further behind on updating to the site. But here I thought I could just post bits and pieces about it.

And such. So here I’ll just ramble about me and such, here, I’ll post cool things around the world. How’s that?