What Ever Happened To the Lending of The Jacket?

Remember all of those movies you see? You know, the old teen romance films where the jock gives the cheerleader his letter jacket to sport (get it? haha-ehm). Or the timid boy lends the girl of his dreams his blazer in the cold weather? Say, what ever did happened to that? The act is one of cordiality and it’s sweet. It makes the girl want to sit  staring into his eyes, smelling the cologne that’s rubbed off inside and smile. I wonder why the boys don’t do this anymore.

What I witness nowadays is, most of the time the girl has to steal the jacket to get the boys attention. Yes steal it! I witnessed this often walking through the cruddy, stinky hallways of my brother’s middle school. I hate going there because every single thing I see I end up saying to myself: “Now I know we weren’t like that.”, and besides, the odor is atrocious. Anyways, the girls tease the boys by taking their jackets and wearing them all day. They smell them and keep them and in most cases, the boys get mad! Completely understandable of course, especially when the girls take them home. But they boys just don’t get it.

Now up in high-school (where the air is fresher, for the most part) the boys mostly don’t bother anyways. Or they just don’t know how to react when a cute girl standing with them says, “You know, I’m freezing. I wish I brought a jacket…” The boys just blank out, imaging the act of offering their jacket to the girl and feeling like a hero, but in reality they just stand there in an awkward silence only penetrated by their snurking up their nose. Others when in this situation just chuckle. The flirtatious opportunity going straight over their heads.

Well, you say, why don’t you acknowledge the smart and sweet souls out there who aren’t so thick and can take a hint? Well, actually I would like to acknowledge them. Very much so. I personally have encountered two of these brave men. One, my crush. Though I’m positive it’s not mutual, he was just kind enough to lend me his jacket when our school’s heat broke on a very cold day. Like I said, he’s just a nice guy, but that just makes him seem all the more knightly. The other, a close friend who was worried I was going to freeze when I was walking around in the snow without a jacket.  He didn’t just lend me the jacket, he gave it to me. And while I have no feelings for him excepting that of friendship, just that small act made me blush and stop to think about him in a different light.

The moral of this post? Boys, if you want to form a bit of a trap for the girl of your dreams to slip into (that sounded kind of creepy) then you need to invest your time wisely and perk up your ears. Next time she’s cold, offer her your jacket. She’ll know your freezing for her and in that split second she’ll begin to notice you differently, even if it’s just for a second. Her heart will flutter, she’ll blush, and you have a starting point.

CAUTION: Exercise this with caution, though. If she rejects you it may be for these reasons: 1. She doesn’t know you well enough. 2. She’s trying to tough it out. In which case, insist. 3. She was hinting for someone else to assist her. If any of these scenarios play out and you get rejected, try again or find another way to approach her say… get to know her first?

That’s all. Just me trying to deploy a comeback for the chivalry when it come to young romance. It wouldn’t hurt…


About Sage

I am a writer, photographer, painter, dancer, actor, ARTIST. Please bear with me as I struggle through my final years of adolesence....

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