Paper: Adapted

I recently joined the slam poetry team at my school and this is my first poem I’m going to present. It is an adaptation of the poem I posted last month called Paper.


Mouths are beautiful

The simplicity of the curves and lines that make up a person’s character

That define

Mouths define

Emotions, thoughts

Wishes, prayer

All whispered through the soft pink lips


Creased and folded with smiles

Where both pain and elation reside

Two seemingly opposite ends of one spectrum

When in reality, life is a circle

And truly what goes around comes around

So these opposite in fact unite

Cross, layer, overlap

Says the postulate of something or other

Shoved down our brains in that geometry class we forgot about

No these opposite are not too far off

Elation and pain

Just ask a wristcutter

They aren’t hard to find in this new ear of self pity

Where everyone is stuck in a rut of immaturiy

and- middle school?

Where everything that happened was blown out of proportion

By everyone around us

So much so that now ever the older generations can’t find their way out of their own claustrophobic boxes

that are so dark that they can’t see past their own asses

Caught in a Peter Pan syndrome

And I’m afraid to grown up and set long-term goals

Because I’m afraid I’ll never change

And those who cut their wrists because they actually have a pain they need to escape

Not one fabricated by our minds’ rape by he media

But something so terrible they need a way out

Those ones are forgotten about

Lost in a sea of attention-starved Facebook statuses

Posted every other minute

Like someone really gives a shit

Making the world hard-pressed to find a smile

And that’s why I folded my tips at the diner into origami shapes

For the sake of a smile

Because those lines on the side of your mouth

That you let stay even after you laugh

Prove you are immune to the ignorance

of the media

Of the anti-age propaganda

Saying that to be happy is not what you really want

Because you could crack the powdered-smooth face of youth that wasn’t yours in the first place

But that of the Barbie dolls lying on your daughter’s shelves

Staring demonically up at you

And hold your gaze until you buy that new wrinkle remover

Whose active ingredients, if you bothered to check, are the exact same as the last one you tried

Feeding your addiction


Your drug that distorts your mind and puts shadows of wrinkles in your mirror

And now your daughter snoops hungrily through your stash

of old and worn beauty products leaking onto the bathroom sink

Because she was born hungry

For mommy’s obsession

It’s all an illusuion

This world we think we dominate

Our ignorance humored by the higher intelligence studying us

Like a rat caught in a labrynth

On our shiny, sterilized stainless steel

We laugh at that because we feel

a distant connection?

And that makes us nervous

That we might discover the truth behind the allusive veil

It’s all foreshadowing

And last night I dreamed of a paper moon

Full and bright and confident

Taking up the whole of the sky

And the whole time I reached outfor it

All I wanted was to stroke the light

the curves

Because they reminded me of a familiar face

and that made me smile


About Sage

I am a writer, photographer, painter, dancer, actor, ARTIST. Please bear with me as I struggle through my final years of adolesence....

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